Knitting and Stress

I have been in such a wonderful mood for the last few days! There are so many contributing factors to my current lack of overwhelming stress:

  • Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.
  • Starbucks has pumpkin scones!
  • My friends are terrific people and we’ve all been laughing a lot lately.
  • The weather has been amazing! Sunny, cool but not cold — just lovely fall weather and fall is my favorite season. I love any excuse to wear hoodies and sweaters!
  • Knitting is my new obsession — I had such a great time in class Saturday and working on the project (a basketweave patterned scarf) has been so relaxing.
  • I finally have time to just sit back and do some reading for fun again. I’m reading a series of novels based on the TV show Torchwood which is my current favorite program on television [BBC America, Saturdays at 8PM and 9PM and Tuesdays at 8 PM]
  • Sleeping… I’m getting at least six hours of sleep a night which is wonderful after a few weeks of no sleep, 2 hours of sleep or sleeping way too much.
  • Work is going pretty well. Without the conference planning committee stuff I’ve got time to focus on my job again and most of the time I really do enjoy my job.
  • We decorated popcorn balls for Halloween at work! David brought in all the goodies and we had a great time decorating with vanilla icing and all sorts of candies. It was hilarious.

Even considering all of those factors, right now knitting has to be the highest rated. I don’t know what it is about knitting. Maybe it’s the need to concentrate on counting stitches which doesn’t allow for an deep thinking. Maybe it’s the whole creative process, watching a ball of yarn become a scarf is something akin to magical. Maybe it’s a combination of the texture of the yarn (wool) and the feel of the bamboo needles. Maybe it’s just that I’m in a crafty mood. I don’t know what it is but it’s just so very relaxing and comforting. Hmmmm, I should have paid more attention when my grandmother taught me to knit all those years ago.

I think I hear my knitting calling out to me… gotta get back to the fun!

Take care,

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