Post-surgery notes

I had periodontal surgery today and it wasn’t too bad. It really helps having perfect confidence in my doctor. I went into it all with only a little bit of nervousness, mostly the nerves regarding anesthetic. Hate anesthetic. Hate how I feel afterwards, but it was okay. It mostly just relaxed me to a point that I *almost* enjoyed laying back and listening to the doctor and his assistant chatting and actually contributed to the chat myself.

After nearly 3.5 hours in the chair with two tooth extractions, a lot of scraping, a lot of sutures, some bone rebuilding, and so on, it was home to an afternoon of vicodin and amoxicillin and a long nap. I feel a lot better now. A little bit of pain and swelling, but nothing significant. Yep, it was okay.

After my nap, I emailed a progress report to family and my friends at work, called my dad and let him know how it went, and ate a little dinner. I’m on soft foods for a while. The sutures come out next week. I think the worst of all this is that I can’t brush my teeth until the sutures come out. All I can do is rinse and use a special mouthwash until then. Ugh. But it’s only a week so I guess I’ll survive.

I’m so grateful to my friend Frank who got me to my appointment this morning and came back to drive me home. He kept me calm and entertained on the way there and back. We also picked up my prescriptions before he ensured that I was home and settled for the afternoon. Thanks Frank!

So that’s one health issue out of the way. Follow-ups will be a breeze with the periodontist, and once everything is healed up and we’re certain the bone is growing back then back to the orthodontist for some additional work. Still working on getting my blood pressure down and my latest medication seems to be working for that. Yay! Now just need to figure out what is causing my iron deficiency. Whew! Getting older sucks. Between the arthritis and all the other problems, some days my body feels like it’s 100, while my mind is still around 25!

Guess that’s it for now! Take care-

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