Long time, no writing…

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last wrote a post to this blog. I’ve been dealing with lots of health issues, both mine and my dad’s. Dad has had a hip replaced and carpel tunnel surgery since I last wrote. He’s doing well though. Being able to walk without the immense pain has made such a difference in his attitude. He’s getting around much better now, thank goodness.

As for me, I’ve been working with my gastroenterologist to control my gastric reflux issues which caused some horrible esophageal erosions. Two weeks of very strong antibiotics seems to have cleared that up and I’ve been trying to change my diet to help out as well. Ugh. Not fun. My doctors are still trying to figure out why my iron count is so low. No luck there yet, but I have hope that we’ll get this figured out at some point.

After my periodontal surgery last year, I’ve been doing very well dentally. The bone seems to be reforming well and my gums are in good shape. Now we’ve started getting my teeth where they need to be so I have braces. We need to get my bite back in line, as well as straightening my teeth which moved around a lot apparently. It’s so weird having braces at my age. I now have three dentists: my regular dentist, a periodontist, and an orthodontist! They’re all really wonderful, explaining things well and letting me know all the options for treatment.

So I’m making progress on some of my health issues, but there’s still my stress issues which seem to be getting worse as time goes on. Some of it is work-related; a lot more is just stuff in my head that isn’t getting resolved. Therapy does help! It really does. The problem is that I believe I’m getting close to some things that I’ve pushed so far back in my mind that I’m now fighting incredibly hard to avoid pulling them out.

The last year at work has been full of change, huge projects, and frustration. It’s really been exhausting! Between a massive weeding project and replacing/updating the media collection, I’ve worked on setting up contract cataloging with OCLC, discarded tons of items, reclassified media from locally constructed number to LC classification, cataloged DVDs until my head hurt, and cleaned up database issues relating to all of the previous. The frustration has been that it’s all come at once. There’s not enough time in the day to get it all done and I feel like I’ve fallen so far behind that I’ll never catch up.

The Library is also going through reorganization and relocation. I served on the organizational design committee which recommended a new structure for the organization. Now that the Dean has chosen a new structure based on our recommendations, I’m serving on the transition team to set up a timeline and implementation plan for the restructuring, On top of that, which has stressed out a lot of folks I work with, we’re doing some renovations to the building and moving the non-public departments off the 1st floor to make room for the ‘Learning Commons’ area. It’s kind of exciting, but I anticipate delays that will make things very messy for the upcoming Fall semester… ugh! At least cataloging will be moving to the second floor and not the basement! Yay!

Guess I’ll stop for now. More later!

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