A Tribute to Jack

Dogs are just the most amazing creatures! They enter your heart just by wagging their tails, or jumping up and down in pure excitement just because you entered the room. Dogs, unlike cats, seem to love you no matter what. Much as I love my cat, she’s very stingy with her affection and I’ve rarely met a dog that was stingy at all.

Today I got the saddest news: my “nephew” dog, Jack, died yesterday. It wasn’t a long illness, thank goodness, but still it’s difficult to think of this world without his smiling face (Yes, dogs do smile!) and loving attitude.


My sister-in-law, nephew and niece brought him home as a puppy about 10 years ago. Part terrier and part Pomeranian, he was such a lovely dog who loved people. When they lived on their farm, he had the run of the place. He played with the barn cats and explored the huge yard. During the winter months, he loved to play in the snow. It was so funny to watch him as he’d stick his nose into the snow and push it around. Jack was a gentleman too! When he needed to go outside to do his business, he would go to the door and jiggle the bell hanging on the door-knob so someone would know to let him out. Once he finished, he would quietly sit on the stoop outside the door, waiting to come back in.

He loved to play with his toys and he enjoyed getting dressed up! Yes, Jack had his own Halloween costumes as well as some other sweats and things to keep him warm! Jack was such a friendly little soul. You couldn’t meet him and not want to take him home with you. We’re all going to miss him so much!


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