Long time, no writing…

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last wrote a post to this blog. I’ve been dealing with lots of health issues, both mine and my dad’s. Dad has had a hip replaced and carpel tunnel surgery since I last wrote. He’s doing well though. Being able to walk without the […]

Post-surgery notes

I had periodontal surgery today and it wasn’t too bad. It really helps having perfect confidence in my doctor. I went into it all with only a little bit of nervousness, mostly the nerves regarding anesthetic. Hate anesthetic. Hate how I feel afterwards, but it was okay. It mostly just relaxed me to a point […]


Well, if Fall was all about my dad and his health concerns, Spring is all about my health concerns. After a couple of years of being frustrated with my family doctor, I finally got into research mode and found a new doctor in late fall. I really like my new doctor. She’s very patient and […]