A Tribute to Jack

Dogs are just the most amazing creatures! They enter your heart just by wagging their tails, or jumping up and down in pure excitement just because you entered the room. Dogs, unlike cats, seem to love you no matter what. Much as I love my cat, she’s very stingy with her affection and I’ve rarely […]

Long time, no writing…

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last wrote a post to this blog. I’ve been dealing with lots of health issues, both mine and my dad’s. Dad has had a hip replaced and carpel tunnel surgery since I last wrote. He’s doing well though. Being able to walk without the […]

Post-surgery notes

I had periodontal surgery today and it wasn’t too bad. It really helps having perfect confidence in my doctor. I went into it all with only a little bit of nervousness, mostly the nerves regarding anesthetic. Hate anesthetic. Hate how I feel afterwards, but it was okay. It mostly just relaxed me to a point […]


Well, if Fall was all about my dad and his health concerns, Spring is all about my health concerns. After a couple of years of being frustrated with my family doctor, I finally got into research mode and found a new doctor in late fall. I really like my new doctor. She’s very patient and […]

Not Dead Yet…

It’s been a long, long time since I last wrote in here. Sorry for the delay. Real life has been more difficult and writing has been the last thing on my daily agenda… I’ve had to force myself to record a few simple things in my private journal. I honestly thought things were getting a […]

In my next life, I want to be a cat…

When you stop to think about it, cats really have it good. I’ve been watching my cat Grace for the last few days and her life is so simple. The biggest decision she seems to have each day is deciding where she’s going to take a nap: “Hmmm, the stool with the afghan on it […]

It’s Been Awhile…

To anyone who actually bothers to read this thing, I do apologize. I had great intentions of writing on a more regular basis but I’ve been going through something of a depressive phase lately and writing in my blog has been a very low priority. At some point soon, I’ll try to put something together […]

Knitting and Stress

I have been in such a wonderful mood for the last few days! There are so many contributing factors to my current lack of overwhelming stress: Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Starbucks has pumpkin scones! My friends are terrific people and we’ve all been laughing a lot lately. The weather […]

Perpetually Overwhelmed

My life seems to be a little out of control right now. Well, maybe more than “a little” out of control… more like a lot. My to-do list is quickly growing to the size of an epic novel and that feeling of being overwhelmed has taken over. I alternate between a panic state, where my […]

Bravo, Perry Panthers!

Wow! I’m still trying to wind down after an exciting high school football game. My alma mater, Perry High School, played the Canton McKinley Bulldogs tonight and beat them! Yeah! The final score was 21 to 7 and the mighty Perry Panthers played an awesome game. Not only was the game great, the half-time show […]